Our veterinary team at Boschhoven Veterinarian Clinic consists of a group of experienced veterinarians and assistants.


The team of veterinarians for companion animals includes Caroline van der Ploeg, Dirk Spoorenberg, Isha Drijgers and Jolanda Heerings. Together with you, we keep your pet healthy. We focus on both your pet's well-being and yours. Through thorough examination and targeted questioning beforehand, we aim to make the most accurate diagnosis possible. We place a strong emphasis on preventive veterinary care. How can we prevent your pet from getting sick, and how can we detect any illnesses as early as possible? This way, you and your pet can enjoy a wonderful and healthy time together for as long as possible.


Veterinary insights are constantly evolving and changing. It is through regular training and keeping up with professional literature that our veterinarians ensure they provide you with up-to-date veterinary care. Would you like to get acquainted with our practice and our staff? Feel free to visit and get to know our clinic better! Schedule an appointment with our veterinarians.

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Thanks to our close collaboration with Coppelmans Animal Clinic and Petsfit Veterinarians, we are available 24/7 for our patients. Are you a regular client with us? Then you can make use of our emergency service. If you're not a client with us, please contact your own veterinarian. Outside regular opening hours, call our emergency number at 040-2061682.

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After my grandfather and father, I am the third generation of veterinarians in our family. I find it wonderful to work and live in the beautiful surroundings of Heeze-Leende, where I also grew up. My specialization within veterinary medicine is companion animals, which I do with great pleasure. You can find me at both our locations in Leende and Heeze. I have a special interest in veterinary dentistry. Because I always want to stay informed about the current state of affairs in veterinary medicine, I attend many courses. In addition to my work as a veterinarian, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters, and you often see me on the road on my racing bike.

Dirk Spoorenberg - Veterinarian

Caroline van der Ploeg - Veterinarian


Being a veterinarian is not just a profession, but a way of life. At least, that's true for me, as it has been a certainty for me since elementary school. After graduating in Utrecht in 1984, I worked in a mixed practice where I was an all-round veterinarian, treating both livestock (cattle, pigs, horses) and small companion animals.

The journey of development continues, leading to a specialization in my approach. After the mixed practice, there was a progressive shift towards focusing on horses and companion animals. In the realm of horses, in addition to treating injuries and collaborating with riders on training regimens, chiropractic care also plays a significant role. My two-year training as a chiropractor adds a deeper dimension to training horses for improved performance at every level. As for companion animals, my interests primarily lie in preventive healthcare, oncology, and consequently, the associated surgeries and diagnostic imaging (X-rays and ultrasound). What we aim for, in consultation with pet owners, is to keep our pets healthy for as long as possible and provide them with a qualitatively good life.


I graduated from the University of Utrecht in 2007 and have been working with great pleasure at Boschhoven Animal Clinic since 2013. In addition to general veterinary medicine for companion animals, such as organ-related conditions and surgery, I have specialized in veterinary ophthalmology. The eye is a complex organ, but incredibly fascinating! I continue to further develop in this field through various training programs in Europe. I live in Eindhoven, and when I'm not working, I enjoy making music. I would love to meet you and your pet at our beautiful clinics in Heeze and Leende.

Jolanda Heerings - Veterinarian

Isha Drijgers - Veterinarian


Animals have played a significant role in my entire life. Since I was a child, I've always been surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, and chickens. I could never imagine a life without animals. The choice to become a veterinarian was already made when I was 6 years old. This dream became a reality in 2018 after completing my bachelor's degree in Antwerp and my master's degree in veterinary medicine in Ghent.

My interests lie mainly in all primary care, orthopedics, and medical imaging. But internal medicine and surgery also fascinate me. In truth, I find many aspects of my work simply very enjoyable.

My husband and I live in Belgium, along with our dog, cat, horse, and chickens. In our free time, there's nothing we love more than horseback riding and taking long walks with the dog. I look forward to meeting you and all your pets, and being able to care for them with love and dedication.


This profession offers a lot of variety, which is exactly what I love. Horses and dogs! I have a lot of experience with surgeries on both small and large animals. Over the years, I have gained a lot of knowledge. Boschhoven feels like my second home; I've been working here since 1998 and have become a part of the team! There are wonderful veterinarians and assistants here with whom I enjoy working. In my free time, I dedicate a lot of time to my kids, all three of whom are very active in sports. That's why you can often find me cheering them on from the sidelines. Additionally, we have quite a menagerie at home, and I enjoy spending time with our daughter taking care of the horses. We love riding together in the woods and training for Jill's competitions.

Kim Verbeke - Veterinarian Assistant

Inge Vermeulen - Veterinarian Assistant


My name is Inge Vermeulen, and I have been working at Boschhoven Animal Clinic since 2005. During my education as a veterinary assistant at Helicon in Nijmegen, I did my internship at our practice in Leende and haven't really left since then. Being an assistant at Boschhoven Animal Clinic is still diverse every day, and it's enjoyable in a great team. The variety between interacting with the animals and their owners makes it so enjoyable to do. I mainly work at our Leende location, where I handle all assistant tasks and a bit of administration. In my free time, my love for animals is still present; I enjoy drawing and creating commissioned animal portraits. Additionally, our Bengal cat likes to keep me company.

I look forward to meeting you and your pet at our clinic!


Hello! I'm Danique van den Heuvel. I was born in Valkenswaard, where I still live with my boyfriend and our two cats, Noxx and Baco.

From a young age, I was always busy taking care of our pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and horses. So, it was an easy decision for me that I wanted to work with animals later on. After four enjoyable and educational years of studying at Helicon in Helmond, I obtained my diploma in May 2017. Since June 2017, I have been working as a veterinary assistant at Boschhoven Animal Clinic. I feel very at home here, especially with the varied work that makes it so enjoyable! No day is the same here, which is why I never get bored. Assisting in the operating room, working in the laboratory, and taking care of hospitalized patients are what I enjoy the most. After riding my own horses for 10 years, I unfortunately had to stop because I didn't have enough time for it. In my free time, I prefer to do fun things with friends, enjoy a terrace or a city trip, and I can often be found at the gym.

Danique van den Heuvel - Veterinarian Assistant

Petra Jansen - Veterinary Assistant


I am Petra Jansen. I have been working as a veterinary assistant for 27 years. I joined the predecessor of the current Boschhoven Animal Clinic in 1993 and am mainly based at the branch in Heeze. Years ago, I completed various courses and training in Deurne related to the training and care of horses. Later, I also took several courses related to small companion animals. So, I am knowledgeable in many areas! In recent years, I have taken great pleasure in my two hunting dogs.

Working with animals is still a challenge for me, and the contact with and support of the "owners" gives me a lot of satisfaction. I look forward to seeing you in Heeze!


I started as an intern at Boschhoven Animal Clinic in February 2021 for my training as a veterinary assistant. In addition to my internship, which runs until June 2022, I work 4 days a week at Boschhoven.

Most of the time, you can find me in Leende, and during holidays, I'm a bit of a "floater" and can also be found at the Heeze location. I grew up with a love for animals. I rode horses for many years, and I still do occasionally. Furthermore, we had a beagle at my mother's house for a long time. At my father's house, we've always had whippets, and we still do. I look forward to meeting you at one of our clinics.

Marloes van Wijk - Veterinary Assistant

Maartje Franssen - Veterinary Assistant


Since February 2021, I have been working as a veterinary assistant at Boschhoven Animal Clinic. During my studies at Helicon in Helmond, I had the opportunity to do an internship at Coppelmans Animal Clinic in Nuenen. I am very happy that, after obtaining my diploma in July 2021, I can continue my work within the friendly team at Boschhoven.

You will come across me at both the Heeze and Leende locations. From a young age, I have had a fondness for animals, and now I take care of my very playful golden hamster, Billy. In the future, I would like to expand my pet family with a Great Dane, my favorite breed! I hope to greet you and your pet in our practice soon!