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Our prices are based on the best possible treatment for your pet. We extensive check the health status of your pet before we apply any vaccines or narcosis. Surgery patients receive customized anaesthesia though gas anaesthesia or anaesthesia monitoring and only sent home when they are completely out of narcosis.

The rates are in euros (including VAT).


The consult is the basis of our service. Depending on the time, we apply adjusted rates.

Sort Price
Consult pets €32,80
Evening addition


Night addition €105,00
Weekend/holiday addition €56,00


The rate for the evening-, night-, and weekend or holiday consult is excluding the regular consult price of €32,80. If you come with your dog on the First Easterday, you pay €32,80 + €56,00 = €88,00 for the total consult.

Before we vaccine your pet, we extensively check the health status of your pet. The health control costs €23,60. Per animal handler, we only rate one health control, regardless of how many animals you bring. The costs for the vaccination exists of the health care of €23,60 plus the required vaccines in the overview below.

Type of vaccination Price
Large cocktail dog € 23,50
Small cocktail dog € 21,50
Kennel Cough Grafting nasal drop € 26,00
Rabies vaccination (valid for 3 years) € 22,50
Merilyme vaccination 1x € 32,60
Pup vaccination 9 weeks € 22,50
Pup vaccination 12 weeks € 23,50
Vaccination cat flu € 22,50
Bordetella enting cat nose drop € 23,50
Kitten vaccination 9 weeks € 22,50
Kitten vaccination 12 weeks € 22,50
Vaccination rabbit/rodent myxomatosis/RHD (including consult excluded filavac) € 33,65
Vaccination rabbit/rodent filavac € 20,00


Controlling antibodies on Parvo, Distemper, and Adenovirus during the health consult using Vaccicheck costs €38,50.


Your pet will always be fully examined before neutering. For dogs and cats older than 7 years, we recommend that you always do an additional blood test. After the castration, your pet will be taken home with pain relief medicine that's good for a few days. If necessary, we do a follow-up check. This check-up is included in the operation price. A collar or Medical pet shirt is not included in the price.

Castration (sterilisation) female dog 

All mentioned operations are including pain relief medicine.

Weight Classical Through keyhole surgery
Dog 0-10 kg € 308,00 € 410,00
Dog 11-20 kg € 334,00 € 437,00
Dog 21-30 kg € 361,00 € 463,00
Dog 31-40 kg € 386,00 € 489,00
Dog 41-50 kg € 413,00 € 516,00
Dog 51-60 kg € 440,00 € 537,00


Castration female cat

This operation is including pain relief medicine.

Castration female cat

€ 116,00


Castration female rabbit/rodent 

This operation is including pain relief medicine.

Castration female rabbit/rodent € 152,00

Castration male dog

All mentioned operations are including pain relief medicine.

Weight Price
Dog 0-10 kg € 137,00
Dog 11-20 kg € 159,00
Dog 21-30 kg € 181,00
Dog 31-40 kg € 201,00
Dog 41-50 kg € 219,00
Dog 51-60 kg € 238,00


Castration male cat

This operation is including pain relief medicine.

Castration male cat € 58,00


Castration male rabbit/rodent

This operation is including pain relief medicine.

Castration male rabbit/rodent

€ 80,00

Gastropexy (stomach tightening)

Type of operation Price
In combination with sterilisation via keyhole surgery Price lap. sterilisation + € 170,00
Only surgery See the price for sterilisation via keyhole surgery 


Other prices on request.

Price changes reserved.